Painted rocks yet to be found:

Crawfordsville: Milligan Park
    CLUE: If there's airborne equine footwear, duck!
                But look very carefully and you may be in luck!
Frankfort: TPA Park
    CLUE: Watch your step if you're going for a train ride!
Lebanon: Memorial Park
    CLUE: You can feel like a spider or you could swing as much as your heart was content!
Lizton: Lions Club Park
    CLUE: If you're swinging you could take a nap!
Sheridan: Biddle Memorial Park    (clue coming soon...)
Zionsville: Lions Park     CLUE: If you're going to have a gathering of many people or just one, it would be the first place you would want to go to!

Cirque du so Evil begins in

No-scare Hours Return!

No-scare hours are intended for younger guests. These special tours involve more lighting and fewer actors than our normal frights.